Quickstart to developing Dynamics 365 Portals Workshop

Razwan is a Microsoft MVP and Dynamics Community Moderator responsible for organising Dynamics 365 Saturday Bootcamps & Hackathons. In this workshop Raz will be begin explaining the fundamentals to building Dynamics 365 Solutions before showing participants how to build and develop their first Dynamics 365 Portal step by step. Participants will be required to bring their own laptop as this is a hands on lab as well a starting a Dynamics 365 online Trial.

You can take part in this free hand on workshop at the following D365 Saturday events;

D365 London: http://365saturday.com/dynamics/london-jan2018/

D365 Amsterdam: http://365saturday.com/dynamics/d365-amsterdam-2018/

D365 Dubai: http://365saturday.com/dynamics/d365-dubai-2018/

D365 Dallas: http://365saturday.com/dynamics/dallas-usa-2018/


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