About Dynamics 365 Saturday

 The Dynamics 365 Community is collaborating to improve Industry Solutions and Digital Transformation

Dynamics 365 Saturday is a free Technical & Strategy Event Organised by the Microsoft Dynamics Community MVP’s For CRM and ERP professionals, technical consultants & developers. Learn & share new skills whilst promoting best practices, helping organisations overcome the challenges of implementing a successful digital transformation strategy with Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Dynamics 365 Saturday has replaced CRM Saturday to break down the silos and provide a platform to serve the whole Dynamics 365 community, so that the core customer experience values and ethics of CRM Saturday will continue to live on through 365 Saturday with the rest of the Dynamics Community.

Dynamics Saturday

Dynamics Saturday fundamentally provides the community with a whole day of deep dive seminars and sessions addressing the following topics;

CRM / ERP / Digital Transformation

Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement

Dynamics 365 for Operations / Finance

XRM Platform / Open Source Solutions

Customer experience / Productivity / Business Processes

Bootcamp & Workshops

The Dynamics 365 Bootcamp can be incorporated into Dynamics Saturday providing hands on workshops the day before or after to provide an immersive learning experience. Workshops we have delivered in the past include;

Customisation & Development

Connected Field Service

Live Assist with Cafe X


Hackathon & Prizes

Hackathons provide an excellent way towards accelerated proof of concepts and provides a learning experience to overcome gap analysis issues. Dynamics 365 Saturday provides a platform to enable the community to host hackathons as well as award prizes to participants.

Organising Team

Dynamics 365 Saturday brings an exciting range of CRM and ERP experience to the stage. The objective of the organisation team is to educate and inspire delegates with world class industry expertise.


Razwan Choudry

Microsoft MVP & Dynamics Community Moderator

Stefano Tempesta

Stefano Tempesta

Microsoft RD (Regional Director) & MVP

Dynamics 365 Saturday Board Member


Mohammed Mostafa

Microsoft MVP – C Level & Global Sponsorship’s


Janet Robb

Microsoft / Ireland Chapter


Demian Raschkovan

Microsoft MVP – Spanish Chapter


Baris Kanlica

Microsoft MVP – UK/ Turkish Chapter


Nadeeja Bomiriya

Microsoft MVP – Australian Chapter


Neil Benson

Microsoft MVP – Australian Chapter


Julie Yack

Microsoft MVP –  USA – Denver Chapter


Marius Pedersun

Microsoft MVP – Norway Chapter


Pedro Azevedo

Microsoft MVP – Portugal Chapter


Sergio Marcias

Microsoft MVP – Mexico Chapter


Stefan Van der Hooft

Netherlands Chapter


Martijn Eikelenboom

Netherlands Chapter


Brandon Ahmed

USA – Dallas Chapter

wolfgang von enckevort

Wolfgang Von Enckevort

Germany Chapter


Hichem Chekebeb

Dubai Chapter


Rami Mounla

New Zealand Chapter

salim adamon

Salim Adamon

Canadian Chapter

gus gonzales

Gus Gonzalez

Atlanta Chapter


Ulrik Carlsson

California Chapter

Daniel Cai

Daniel Cai

Microsoft MVP – Canadian Chapter

nick doelman

Nick Doleman

Microsoft MVP – Canadian Chapter


Michael Ochs

Microsoft MVP – Washington DC Chapter

Nicolás Fernandez

Nicolás Fernandez

Argentine Chapter

Jim Novak

Jim Novak

Microsoft MVP – Washington DC Chapter


Aiden Kaskela

Microsoft MVP – Philadelphia, PA Chapter

Beth Burrell

Beth Burrell

Tampa, FL Chapter